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Nuvu Cameras introduces the HNü Alpha, Gamma & Omega


Nüvü Caméras, a leading ultrasensitive CCD & EMCCD imaging solution manufacturer, announces its HNü series' new official names: the HNü Alpha, Gamma and Omega. Through its unique and patented electronic design, Nüvü Caméras has been developing state-of-the-art low-noise, high-sensitivity EMCCD cameras for over a decade. 

In 2013 Nüvü launched the HNü EMCCD camera optimized for low-light imaging which supports three standard EMCCD detector sizes (128 × 128, 512 × 512 and 1024 × 1024). In the last eight years, Nüvü has stayed ahead of the competition with unmatched performances and detection standards by continuously innovating the high-end HNü camera series.

Because of its single-photon detection performances, the HNü owes its name to the photon energy equation E=hv. As such, it was befitting for the models' names to also refer to mathematics, with the simple yet timeless Alpha, Gamma and Omega.

The Alpha HNü Model is Nüvü's first thermoelectric cooled camera, providing the best deep-cooling performances of its category paired with Nüvü's patented electronics This signature sensitivity and ease of use launched Nüvü's EMCCDs into a variety of new applications.

The Gamma HNü Model is the next step in the HNü line: An EMCCD camera accessible and adapted to high speed applications meeting the needs of larger markets.

The Omega HNü Model is the latest innovation and qualifies as the fastest available EMCCD camera on the market, reaching a 30MHz of pixel readout rate. This brings the EMCCD's sensitivity to new acquisition speeds, enabling the use of the technology in new fields and pushing the limits of existing ones.

The HNüα, HNüγ and HNüΩ provide complete innovative imaging solutions to the most demanding applications in low-light conditions in the astronomy, space, defence, life science and physics fields.


View the HNü 128,  HNü 512,  HNü 1024

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