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Tailor-made imaging solutions

Benefit from Nüvü's unique expertise through the development and integration of custom hardware or software solutions tailored to your project's requirements.

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For your projects in

Detector packaging
Unique camera readout modes
CCD & EMCCD readout electronics
Detector cooling solutions
Software integration
Atypical environments
& much more…

Extensive low-light imaging expertise available

From idea to project, benefit from Nüvü Camēras’ unique know-how

Continuously challenged to provide innovative solutions, Nüvü Camēras’ focus is to meet the most demanding imaging projects. Wether it is for a specific camera readout mode, for demanding detector-cooling solutions, or for integrating a custom detector to our patented CCCP electronics, you can trust Nüvü’s team to rise up to the task and deliver a unique product to your specifications.

Imaging Expertise

Since 2010, the company has brought its expertise to the forefront with its highly referenced publications, numerous international renowned clients and innovation alliances at the cutting edge of technology and science.

Tailored products

Here are examples of the diversified experts available at Nüvü Camēras: Space Integration Engineer, Biomedical Application Scientist, Linux Software Scientist, Windows Software Engineer, FPGA Design Engineer, Embedded Software Engineer, Opto-Mechanical Engineer.

Our highly specialized team work in synergy to provide the very best and most sensitive technology on the market exactly suited for your needs.

Ready to count Photons?

Any questions about EMCCD or low light imaging? Nüvü Camēras experts can provide advices on your low light imaging options.

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