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Canadian Contributions Studies for the WFIRST Instruments

J.-F. Lavigne,1 N. Rowlands,2 F. J. Grandmont,1 D. Lafrenière,3 C. Marois,4 O. Daigle,5 S. Thibault,6 D. Schade,4 É. Artigau,3 D. Brousseau,6 J. Maire,7 G. Cretot-Richert,5 M.-È. Ducharme,5 L. E. Levesque,1 D. Laurin,8 J. Dupuis8
1ABB Inc. (Canada)
2Honeywell Aerospace (Canada)
3Univ. de Montréal (Canada)
4NRC-Herzberg Astronomy (Canada)
5Nüvü Camēras (Canada)
6Univ. Laval (Canada)
7Univ. of Toronto (Canada)
8Canadian Space Agency (Canada)


WFIRST-AFTA is the NASA’s highest ranked astrophysics mission for the next decade that was identified in the New World, New Horizon survey. The mission scientific drivers correspond to some of the deep questions identified in the Canadian LRP2010, and are also of great interest for the Canadian scientists. Given that there is also a great interest in having an international collaboration in this mission, the Canadian Space Agency awarded two contracts to study a Canadian participation in the mission, one related to each instrument. This paper presents a summary of the technical contributions that were considered for a Canadian contribution to the coronagraph and wide field instruments.

Article published during SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation, 2016, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

More information on Nüvü Camēras Space and Defense applications here

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