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PR - EMCCD becomes a robust technology Nüvü Camēras


Nüvü Camēras launches a new robust option for its HNü 128 EMCCD camera designed for non-standard environments. The cooling behind NüvüTM’s new AO option (Adaptive Optics, one of its highlighted applications) is optimized for rugged usage in a non-vacuum packaging, thus providing the required cooling for minimal dark current and for the fastest frame rate in low light imaging. Nüvü Camēras' proprietary imaging technology expands the frontiers of detection in near complete darkness imaging. This new option is critical in order for a scientific camera to be integrated as an enhanced solution in future imaging system designs requiring more robustness.

The AO option is presently available with a 128 x 128 pixels scientific grade #1 EMCCD detector for exclusive imaging sensitivity between 500 and 1000 fps in full frame. For the lowest background signal, the HNü 128 with AO option requires less cooling, down to -60°C with a precision of ±0.01°C at maximum full frame readout of 20 MHz, for a stabilized EM gain. EMCCD background signal behaviour, in relation to temperature and acquisition speed, is documented on

The opportunities arising from this innovation not only respond to the needs of astronomy, but also those of the biomedical sector, both already being served by Nüvü Camēras. To better fulfill modern requirements, Nüvü's EMCCD cameras enable both qualitative and quantitative diagnostics. The AO option is limited to high acquisition speeds, allowing for a more affordable price and thus accessible to a wider range of end-users who can benefit from Nüvü’s exclusively superior SNR in low light imaging.

With the support of the Canadian National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program (CNRC-IRAP), Nüvü Camēras has already planned to expand its cooling options for larger field of views. Canadian EMCCD technology is internationally renowned for its unrivalled imaging sensitivity for ground and soon, for space-based applications.

About Nüvü Camēras: Founded and based in Montreal since 2010, Nüvü Camēras is a world leader in the field of ultra-sensitive imaging products and also offers services internationally to accelerate users next discoveries.

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