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PR - New standard for thermoelectric EMCCD cameras: HNü by Nüvü Caméras

New standard for thermoelectric EMCCD cameras: HNü by Nüvü Caméras

Nüvü Caméras, a manufacturer focused on ultrasensitive cameras, launches its thermoelectric EMCCD camera: the HNü. Pushing back the limits of EMCCD technology for low light imaging, Nüvü Caméras has been setting new performance and detection standards over the last 3 years for high-end EMCCD cameras.

The HNü has been designed to provide what is expected from a high sensitivity thermoelectric EMCCD camera: the highest SNR for applications requiring photon counting, fast acquisition, high quality optics for the best detection efficiency and simple integration with intuitive and reliable software solutions as well as a compact and easy to handle size (including its power supply).

By reinventing the controller (i.e. the electronic brain behind the detector) from A to Z, Nüvü Caméras offers a new standard in EMCCD imaging. Based on its patented technology, Nüvü Caméras has contributed to several publications and was awarded a number of prizes for its major scientific contributions. Born from astronomy, a field that greatly stimulates the progression and advancement of detection systems, Nüvü Caméras now paves the way to breakthroughs and discoveries in a variety of fields including biomedical diagnostics.

Three HNü models are available to serve various application needs: the HNü 128 is optimized for the fastest possible frame rates; the HNü 512 is balanced for optimal frame rates and field of view with minimal noise; the HNü 1024 is optimized for the absolute largest field of view.

Not only is the HNü's SNR superior thanks to its total background noise below 0.001 electron/pixel/s allowing an EM gain up to 5000, but greater image quality is also due to its high charge transfer efficiency over 0.999993 (data obtained with HNü 512 at 10MHz with EM gain of 1000). On top of providing an acquisition rate up to 20MHz, it is possible to minimize thermal noise in function of application requirements with the thermoelectric cooling system down to -90°C using liquid cooling or -85°C using air cooling. In addition, all HNü specifications are measured in inverted mode operation (IMO), a mode optimized for low light imaging.

By increasing detection sensitivity and reliability, by decreasing exposure times and by providing faster acquisitions, HNü cameras efficiently increase system performances because every photon counts!

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