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Advanced Imaging Rises to the Task of Detecting Space Debris

March 2022

Photonics Spectra magazine’s March edition features a Nüvü Camēras signed article on the unique method and advantages of EMCCD imaging technology for detecting and monitoring space debris.


Bringing Habitable Planets to Light with Faster Adaptive Optics

September 1, 2020

Photonics Spectra magazine’s special September edition on optics features a Nüvü Camēras signed article on the power of adaptive optics and the contribution of high performance imaging for exoplanet discovery.

Massachusetts, USA

Nüvü Caméras: an EMCCD controller for space

November 22nd 2017

Photoniques presents the CCCPs, the space version of Nüvü Camēras’ photon counting CCD controller, a breakthrough innovation that will enable EMCCD technology to become an enhanced solution in future space instruments.

Nüvü Camēras at the INGO innovation center

September 1st 2016

The engineering university École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS) is proud to promote Nüvü Caméras at the INGO Innovation Center, as well as its co-founders, former students of ÉTS.

ÉTS @ 360°

Nüvü’s Camēras heads into space

June 15th 2016

Photonics Media presents Nüvü Cameras’ CCD Controller for Counting Photons (CCCP) latest feature: the passive heat dissipation. With the goal of integrating a future major space mission, TRL-5 CCCP will be designed for space use and characterized under relevant conditions for the new environment thanks to the Canadian Space Agency’s support.

Photonics Media

MROI feature

February 10th 2016

Photonics Sprectra presents Nüvü’s new feature, the multiple regions of interest (mROI) for faster acquisition of the pixels of interest in low-light application.

Voir différemment Marie-Eve Ducharme, Directrice générale – Nüvü camēras inc.

June 29th 2013

Nüvü Camēras’ CEO Marie-Eve Ducharme was interviewed by online magazine Inspiro. She shares her goals and experience heading a high-tech company.


Breakthrough products : EMCCD cameras

May / June 2013

Press release describing Nüvü Camēras’ innovative HNü camera. Some of its most noteworthy specifications were mentioned such as its range of detector sizes available (128, 512 or 1024), optimal background noise below 0.001 electron/pixel/frame and its thermoelectric cooling capacity that can reach either -85°C using air cooling or -90°C with liquid cooling.

Photonics Media, Biophotonics

New products: EMCCD camera

May 2013

Laser Focus World issued a press release describing Nüvü Camēras’ innovative HNü camera. Some of its most noteworthy specifications were mentioned such as its maximum EM gain of 5000, background noise level below 0.001 electron/pixel/frame and a readout rate up to 20MHz.

Laser Focus World

La NASA acquiert une camera conçue à l’UdeM

September 28th 2009

In an article in Forum magazine, the University of Montreal announced that a camera built within its very own Experimental Astrophysics Laboratory was purchased by NASA.

Forum, Daniel Baril
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